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Looking For Jet Ski Finance? 

There’s nothing better than spending your summer on the water, and personal watercraft, such as a jet ski, is the epitome of that. Jet skis are fantastic recreational marine vehicles which are easy to tow, store and transport. Our range of jet ski loans are the perfect option for those looking to spend more time on the water. 

For many Australians, a jet ski is a dream purchase and securing jet ski finance is the way to make that dream a reality. To find competitive jet ski loans on the Gold Coast, speak to our team at Crest Lending today.

Jet Ski Loans

How Much Does A Jet Ski Cost? 

Like a boat or a car, many variables can affect the cost of a jet ski. The purchase price varies greatly depending on the model, age, hours rode and whether it’s new or used. Jet skis can be quite costly, so it’s essential to research to educate yourself about what you need in a jet ski and what you can afford. 

When doing your research, there are several additional expenses you should consider, including:

  • Licences
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Personal watercraft trailers
  • Anchors
  • petrol
  • Ski covers, accessories and life jackets

When applying for jet ski asset financing, you can choose to access a loan worth up to 100% of the purchase price. However, when considering purchasing a jet ski, remember that the actual purchase of the jetski is a one-time expense however there will be a number of ongoing costs associated with servicing, maintenance and repairs of your jet ski. Whether you’re looking to buy a Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or any other type of Jet Ski our finance brokers can help you find an option that will suit your unique situation.

Used Jet Ski Financing 

Did you know that you can get asset finance for both used jet skis and brand new ones? You can still apply for Jet ski asset finance whether buying privately, from a dealer or even at an auction. 

We don’t believe that make or model should be a barrier to entry. Whether you’ve opted for a state-of-the-art brand new model or want to start small by buying second-hand, we can finance all types of jet skis.  Our team is here to work with you through the whole loan process, no matter how you decide to purchase it.

Commercial Jet Ski Loan

Jet skis are fantastic recreational marine crafts, but they can also serve a number of business functions. Jet ski’s can play an essential role in a range of businesses including rescue and recovery operations, marine research, surf life saving, jet ski hire in tourist destinations and much more.

If you have a marine-based business and are looking to increase your fleet with a new jet ski, considering a business loan is a worthwhile option to ensure your business can operate. There are several business loan options available, each suitable for different businesses with different needs. The primary loans suited for business equipment finance are: 

  • Chattel Mortgage 
  • Hire Purchase 
  • Boat Finance Lease 

With Crest Lending you can access jet ski finance for both personal and business use, and our experienced finance brokers can help you to find jet ski finance at a competitive rate. Contact us today to get started finding the commercial asset finance that’s right for you. 

Loans for Jet Ski Tours

Personal Loan for Jet Skis

We all work hard to support our families and build a stable income. Here at Crest, we believe that it’s okay to reward your hard work from time to time. If you’ve been dreaming of a jet ski and have the cash flow and capacity to repay a jet ski loan, our team can help you take to the water and secure your finance. 

As with most Asset financing, you have two options: secured loans or an unsecured personal loan.

Personal Jet ski Loans
jetski loans gold coast

Secured Loans

A secured loan requires an asset to be put up as security for the loan, and in most cases, the jet ski you intend to purchase is used as the security. The benefit of a secured loan is that they generally come with lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits because this type of loan is considered to be less risk to a lender. However, keep in mind that if you default on your loan, your asset can then be used as collateral.

jetski loans gold coast

Unsecured Personal Loan

With unsecured personal jet ski loans, there is no requirement to use an asset as collateral. In this case, interest rates may be higher, and depending on your income, cash flow, and ability to repay the loan, you may not be limited to the amount you can borrow. 

To learn more about personal loans, visit our dedicated personal loans page.

Sea doo Jet Ski loans

Secure Competitive Jet Ski Finance Gold Coast 

A jet ski is a luxury purchase, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be affordable and achievable. Applying for a loan can be a complex process. At Crest Lending our asset finance brokers work with you to ensure you find a loan that matches your needs. With the help of our team, you can borrow a partial or total amount you need to purchase your jet ski or Boat

If you’ve found a make and model you’re hoping to purchase and are thinking about finance, Our experienced team can help you achieve your goal sooner and get you out on the water in no time.

Give us a call today to learn more about our competitive jet ski finance options.

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