Commercial Property Loans


Commercial Property Loans can inject some much-needed cash into your business to take it to the next level. Secure finance with the help of a commercial property broker who can assist you in improving your cash flow, fitting out a new space, seizing that opportunity and growing your business. 

Crest Lending’s brokers take a personal approach to commercial property loans. We assess key commercial property loan lenders and their lending criteria to find the most suitable solution for you. Our long term industry connections mean we have access to several lenders who offer competitive commercial loans on the Gold Coast.

Commercial Property Loans
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What Is A Commercial Property Loan? 

A commercial property loan is similar to a residential home loan. It’s a business loan used to purchase property intended for business purposes. As a business owner, there are many business or commercial loans available. However, a commercial loan for real estate is designed specifically to purchase business property, which means you may also receive a better interest rate. You can use a commercial property loan to rent, buy or invest in the following:

Office Space

Retail Space

Industrial/Warehouse Space

Commercial Buildings

Hospitality Venues

And more

Commercial Property Finance

There are many different ways to structure a business. One of the benefits of a commercial property finance loan is that it can be taken out on behalf of a business or company by individuals, partnerships, discretionary trust and any other group structure.

While commercial property finance often has a higher interest rate due to higher borrowing amounts than residential property loans, the return on investment can be much greater. Most lenders offer a mix of interest rates, including variable rates, fixed rates, split rates, principle and interest-only loans. Most commercial property loans include additional repayment feature. To work out how much time and interest you could save check out our Extra Repayments Calculator.

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The Difference Between A Residential And Commercial Loans For Property

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Long term leases

With some commercial properties, you can only purchase a leasehold and not a freehold (ownership). You can occupy and conduct business on the property within the lease period, but the ownership will revert once the leasehold expires and you decide not to renew.

A commercial property lease usually extends for an extended period of time compared to a residential lease which generally extends between 6 to 12 months. The longer lease period offers a greater sense of security for your business.

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Allow for GST

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies when purchasing a commercial property or lease. You will need to allow for an extra 10% of the property’s purchase price. However, GST charged on the property’s rent can be claimed back as an input tax credit.

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Maintenance Costs

The benefit of a long term lease often comes with conditions. For commercial property, maintenance costs and repairs are the lessee’s responsibility and not the landlord’s. Alterations on a commercial property (such as a new fit-out) are permitted, however, you may need to get the landlord’s approval first. These conditions can be clearly stated in the lease terms to avoid confusion down the track.

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The Commercial Lending Process

Before you can be approved for a commercial property loan, the property you’re looking to buy or rent must be professionally valued. A Crest commercial loan broker can assist with finding you a qualified valuer who will help determine whether the price you’re paying is fair. This step benefits both the borrower and the lender, as it offers assurance with the property’s value.

Applying for a commercial property loan is a similar process as a residential property loan. However, the information and documents you’ll need to provide will vary depending on the lender you select, the amount you want to borrow and the property you wish to buy or rent. In general, lenders will want to see the following:

Personal and company information, including identification, ABN or ACN

Financial details that outline your assets and liabilities, including the size of the deposit you have to put towards a commercial property loan

Financial details that outline your assets and liabilities, including the size of the deposit you have to put towards a commercial property loan

Cashflow projections that product how much you can repay

Property valuation documents

Details of the commercial lease and the conditions associated with it

There are specialised commercial lenders for different types of commercial property. Some specialise in offering finance to startups, while others predominantly deal with property developers. An experienced commercial property broker can use their knowledge, skill, and experience to find a lender that matches your unique needs and help you prepare an application that includes all the above criteria. If for whatever reason, your application is delayed or rejected, our team can work with you to improve your application and address any missing criteria. 

Curious about how much borrowing power you have? Check out our borrow power calculator to see how much you can borrow.

Refinancing a Commercial Loan

Our experienced commercial loan brokers can help you determine the right time to refinance your loan. If you’re coming to the end of a fixed-term rate, you may be eligible to get a better deal with another lender. Commercial property loan rates are negotiable, but it takes a specialist broker to negotiate with a lender to get a discount.

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Commercial Property Investment

Are you wondering how to get started in commercial property investment? Whether you’re a skilled commercial property investor or want to learn the basics, we can help build your asset portfolio. Some common commercial property investments are:

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Office Buildings

This type of property can be anything from a shared co-working space to a one or two-story blocks or large scale towers.

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This term includes warehouses, manufacturing plants or logistic facilities. Investing in large distribution centres has grown in popularity with the demand of e-commerce, resulting in a greater need for storage and freight facilities.

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Owning a brick and mortar retail space in a high foot traffic area such as a major street or shopping centre can be a lucrative investment.

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Social Infrastructure

Many people don’t realise that social infrastructure such as schools and healthcare centres are privately owned. Owning this type of property can be a stable investment, with tenants leasing the space for many years.

If you want to learn more about investment property, visit our residential investment property loans page.

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Commercial Property Business Loan Broker

Selecting a commercial property loan that is right for you can be hard to navigate. Many factors need to be taken into account, including:

The type of business you have

Your business structure

The type of property you wish to purchase or rent

Interest rates and fees associated with the loan

Business income

Loan repayments

Having a commercial property loan broker who can walk you through this process can relieve some time, worry, and uncertainty when applying for a commercial loan. There are various loan options available that may help your business grow, and you can access them through a specialised commercial lender.

Major banks and mainstream lenders typically move commercial loan applicants to rigid commercial lending products without evaluating each person/business’s unique situation. Through the assistance of a specialised commercial property loan broker, you can often gain access to dedicated commercial lending products that are much more competitive. 

Contact Crest Lending today to discuss how we can help secure commercial property loan finance for you.